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Productivity increase within the CD/TG community

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Re: Productivity increase within the CD/TG community

Postby Sara.G » Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:37 pm

The trouble I find with Facebook is that they have a habit of changing your security settings whenever they launch a new feature.
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Re: Productivity increase within the CD/TG community

Postby Georgina » Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:05 am

DebbieT wrote:Facebook security is very comprensive, but you have to go and look to see what's the best settings for yourselves.

For instance, that panel "People you might know" scares the crap out of cross dressers,especially when they see somebody they know from their male life in it as they think that they're going to reciprocally appear on that other person's list.

Avoiding that pitfall is easy. Go to the privacy settings, and set the "accept friends" option to "friends of friends only", at which point you will never appear in one of these lists unless you have a mutual friend.

To stop people seeing your profile, set all the privacy settings (Except the above one) to "friends only", and you will be completely locked down but for your profile picture and name. Now in order to out you, they have to know your name, and recognise you from a teeny tiny picture in a list of lots of other people with the same name. Set your location to somwhere you don't live, and they've no chance.

Facebook is as secure as you want it to be.


I mulled over this Debbie and decided that a Georgina Facebook page was in order , so there I am. At this point I'm back to posting pictures of my legs on it but,you know, it's still early days

Should be a good experience because social networking that I have found for CD/TV/TS has been rather crap and I've made friends despite of, rather than because of, the site

So that's a bit of a new chapter too...
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