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Lets talk breasts

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Re: Lets talk breasts

Postby kathy123 » Sat Apr 08, 2017 12:23 am


I had another chance to try out the new cleavage creators I bought a few weeks back during the week this week. We were staying at a hotel for a conference and I had all morning Wednesday to get dressed while my wife was taking classes. We met for lunch out during her break then I headed to the local mall for some shopping.

So I had time to take some comparison pictures and also to make a couple how to pic's on using them. They are self adhesive and can be bought for somewhere between $15 (what I paid) and $65 in high end shops. You can actually layer them on top of each other so for those unable to afford a set of breastforms in the $100 to $400 range, a couple sets of these might do the trick inexpensively.

So I took a pic of just a bra and my breast forms (34C).


then the same bra with the cleavage creators:


I love the effect. So these are really easy to use being self adhesive and having a clip in the front. You just attach them to your chest as far apart as practical - trial and error here until you get the fit that gives the look you want and is not uncomfortable, particularly if your going out for the whole day.


Then you pull them together like a push-up bra and clip them in the middle using the clear plastic clip. It can be tricky at first but once you clip and un-clip it a couple times it is pretty easy.


It does a couple things for me.
Obviously it let's me wear lower cut necklines than I ever dared before.
It also adds some width in the under arm area which I could only get by replacing my breastforms with a larger cup size. This makes it optional for me know depending on the outfit and occasion/activity to stay with a more modest breast size or push the envelope a little more :evil: .

So here is the same top - with and without the cleavage creators:




This has been a great addition to my transformation collection. I really feel confident walking around in lower cut necklines now. I hope this is useful for others who might be considering something like this.

I bought a velcro strapped device cor cleavage creation a few years ago and it worked but it was very painful after a couple hours and damaged my breast forms (my fault but still....). It left marks on my chest for weeks, oh and by the way, if you see instructions on-line anywhere for trying to accomplish this with duct tape - DON'T - I tried this 3-4 years ago and had actual wounds :washedup:. Ah the stupidity that is so obvious in hindsight. I was desperate to wear a swim suit to the beach so I tried it..... .

With these babies I am actually thinking about trying a bikini style top with my swim skirt (and a shear coverup I already have), oh the endless desire to get to the next level :) .


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Re: Lets talk breasts

Postby willd01f » Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:22 pm

I've always used breast forms. Tried all shapes and sizes. Really happy with my round forms that fill my 36G bra! I could never go smaller now. I wear them most days but only under a t-shirt. They are pretty obvious and people do look.

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Re: Lets talk breasts

Postby SatinLover » Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:15 am

My 42D forms are lovely, move convincingly and give weight, fill the cut of my female clothes and give a mature, womanly shape.

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