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Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:24 pm
by cuddles
This is just something which occurs to me every time I open up "crossdressingzone" nowadays - the site seems a bit moribund...yes, to quote Hugh Grant from "Words and Music", moribund.
I do believe this happened after admin did the upgrade to CCD, when everybody seemed to sashay over to there. Am I right?
Paradoxically, on that site I've come across some people bemoaning the fact that CCD does not include a forum (indeed, they don't seem to know that this forum exists and, if anything, predated CCD...)
Maybe the solution should be that crossdressingzone becomes perhaps a free part of CCD, appear on that site's page, and then the link is more immediate and relevant?
Because the fewer the new subjects or points of view that appear here, the more seldom people are going to make a return visit.
Anyway, back to the word "moribund" - immediately after he announced that, Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore went on to write a very successful pop song which justifiably became moribund does not necessarily mean a "dead-end".

Cuddles xxx