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On Going Out

Have you come accross any crossdressing related news or artcles? This is the place to post them to keep up all informed.
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On Going Out

Postby Marika » Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:11 pm

Chelsea Manning on going out dressed for the first time.

I actually spent a solid day, in public, dressed a woman, wearing my new clothes and makeup. I just kind of wandered about, going to coffee shops and bookstores, trying to blend in as a bored woman looking for something interesting to do even though I was actually exhilarated.

Being myself for a whole day taught me a few lessons: trying to meet the expectations that I believed were placed on me by society was unsustainable. I was miscast in the play of life, and it was urgent that I admit that, sooner rather than later. Joy, confidence and security can’t begin until we are able to just be ourselves.

Yes, indeed.

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