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Vicky Thompson

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Vicky Thompson

Postby Marika » Fri Nov 20, 2015 6:38 pm

Vicky Thompson killed herself in Leeds gaol.

A couple of points here. There is something wrong when someone who obviously identifies as female is put into a male prison. Especially so when the court is made aware that they are a vulnerable person.

Secondly, being really harsh here, if she hadn't committed the offence, this wouldn't have happened...

Thirdly, this was a relatively short sentence, so she must have been in a really bad place to commit suicide rather than see it through.

All in all, a very sad case and waste of a young life.

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Re: Vicky Thompson

Postby DebbieT » Mon Nov 23, 2015 8:42 am

I was told a shocking statistic at last night's TDoR service in Manchester.

There are over 10,000 transitioned women in the UK, but only 600 gender recognition certificates have been issued.

The main reason for the lack is the hurdles and cost that is put in the way of collecting it.

Debbie Roberts, one of the Sparkle Trustees urged everybody there to get a certificate. Not to wait, to get it as soon as possible. Not only for the rare case of being sent to prison, but when you die (morbid, I know), your family cannot bury you as a woman.

The sooner the UK adopts the Irish gender recognition process, the better.


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