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High street walker.

Once in a while you may be lucky enough to spot a crossdresser or two. If you have met or even seen another crossdresser (outside of cyber space of course) then why not give them a mention here. It could be another member.
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High street walker.

Postby joeden » Mon Apr 11, 2016 4:54 pm

Funny how reading how to emulate a woman and reading people's stories on here has lead to me spotting a CDer in town today, the give away was her hovering hesitantly in front of shops before going in, a little too well dressed for shopping, a little shaky on her heels and large sun glasses, the hair looked natural, to be honest if I hadn't been a crossdresser myself I'd never have known, she certainly looked the part, good for her.

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Re: High street walker.

Postby Summer » Fri May 20, 2016 9:24 pm

I agree, if I hadn't been a CD myself I wouldn't have noticed her . . .

Dark shoulder length hair, just a bit ruffled, as if by the wind, and walking just a bit too fast in courts to make it easy to get over the rather uneven surface. Definitely a CD though.
I'd have easily mistaken her for a slightly tipsy woman, but a few little things made it definite.

So just slow down ladies and try not to walk on uneven surfaces like cobbles or bad pavements. They can be every bit as dangerous as crossing the road blindfold.

Egham high street, Surrey.
An older man in a skirt.
In my head I look good, but then reality buts in . . . . . . .

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