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Tesco, West London

Once in a while you may be lucky enough to spot a crossdresser or two. If you have met or even seen another crossdresser (outside of cyber space of course) then why not give them a mention here. It could be another member.
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Tesco, West London

Postby SiobhanH » Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:12 pm

Just got back from Tesco, (Hoover Building, Perivale branch). A young lad, (early twenties perhaps), with his mum or aunty, dressed in drab but with more or less full make up, was heading towards the exit as my wife and I were emerging from the toiletries. Glancing nonchalantly over my shoulder, they had paused to look at some Florence and Fred dresses, then I lost sight. Couldn’t help noticing fabulous eyelashes, all nicely curled, and feeling deeply envious since mine are a bit on the thin side.

Good luck to you if you're reading this – in some ways it must take more courage to face the world, (and Tesco), with just your face on than fully loaded. Also, you've put me to shame, since I'm a stay at home girl. Hope you found something in the dresses.

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