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Welcome New Members - Please Read This

New CrossDresser members, come and introduce yourself to us. We are very friendly, so dont be shy.
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CrossDressing Zone is a tasteful and clean forum for people serious about CrossDressing. For this reason we do not allow nudity or foul language. Our moderators check and if required remove Spam daily.
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Welcome New Members - Please Read This

Postby Louise4ever » Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:44 pm

Welcome to our Lovely Forums, to keep them as free from spam as we can we've made it so new members can only post in this Section however just 1 post in this section introducing yourself will be enough for us to unlock your account and give you full access to post in the entire forum once the administration team has seen you are a real person and not a Spam-Bot! (but please note your post will not be visible to you or others until it has been approved and after that first one is approved all you posts will go up instantly without this step.) in the meantime why not read through the rest of the site and see what you been missing.

Louise <3


I remove potential spammers daily before they get a chance to spam but on occasion I see a profile which I am unsure of, in these cases I tend to treat them as spammers and delete the account (better safe than sorry) however if you are a genuine new user of these forum and each time you sign up your account gets deleted, please try again to make an account and post something straight away even if it just says "Hello!" this will ensure you get to fully use our forums as quickly as possible!

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