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A Fond sincere thank you.

We CrossDressers sometimes feel like expressing our admiration for other girls. This is the place to do it.
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A Fond sincere thank you.

Postby JaneGrey » Wed Jul 04, 2012 7:24 pm


I wondered where to place this post. "Introductions" seemed a bit inappropriate, anywhere else seemed a little obtrusive. So here it is.

For me, I think it's time to move on. I've been a member of the CCD Zone for about 18 months. I've genuinely enjoyed every minute of being here and have had such wonderful conversation with many of you. You've inspired me with many thoughts and emotions, happiness, laughter, sadness, sympathy, compassion, admiration, openness,  and many more feelings that are often so hard to extract. Thankfully, never the extremes of hatred and anger. I guess that's what makes this site so nice.

When I joined I had so many and sub-conscious questions about myself and others like me. I'm aware of and apologise for the occasions I may have been a little provocative, obtuse, or just plain bloody minded. It was never intentional and always in pursuit of answers (well almost always).

I think I've found my answers and am very contented and comfortable with "Jane". More importantly, for those that love me and my found ability to "explain". For that I will always be grateful to the site for providing a channel for all of you to give me the answers, so indirectly but so honestly.

Aside from the serious things, you have all been lots of fun, so real and so normal. Thank you for the pleasure and normality you have given me.

Unfortunately for me, with contentment comes change. It's time for me to go so that I can avoid the repetitive staleness and dinosaurial (is that a word?) extinction that can affect contributors to a forum.

As for regrets, I have only one. That is, that I can't join you on your evening in November. I would have loved to have done so but passed the point last year when we tried to organise the event. I really hope it happens, that you have a lovely time and in years to come, that more of you are there.

So, thank you for all the support and memories. I do wish you everything for your futures and that you continue to enjoy and gain support from this site.

Love, Jane.


Please would you delete my sign in details. I will be reading the forum and if able to log in, will be tempted to comment. I rely on you as ever.

Jane. :love:

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Re: A Fond sincere thank you.

Postby DebbieT » Wed Jul 04, 2012 7:46 pm

It will be sad to see you leave forever, Jane.

Your contributions have mostly been like a light helping me (at least) see more clearly.

I hope you change your mind.



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Re: A Fond sincere thank you.

Postby Davina » Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:10 pm

Hi Jane,

Although the postings between us have been few, I hold you In the highest regard
In the way you put across your thoughts and feelings and to that end you will be a worthy advisory lost
I wish you all the best as you venture onward :thumbs:

Regards Davina x
I don't bother with Hello's anymore as for most of you that's all you'll do here . . . . OMG i'm such a bitch. . . !

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Re: A Fond sincere thank you.

Postby GothGirl » Thu Jul 26, 2012 9:03 pm

Hi Jane,

I'd like to bid you a fond adieu, albeit belatedly.
You made some deep & thoughtful posts, & hopefully you will still dip in & out of the site to read whats going on, & feel fee enough to be able to chip-in from time to time if you feel you'd like to.

But ..& more seriously..... it seems you have departed having come within 64 posts of claiming the £50.00 prize for the first person to reach 500 posts that we have just been discussing in the members area (presume you can't see members area now?).

Anyway, good luck & take care Jane. The closet can be a lonely place.

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