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my wishlist for the next 5 years

Every girl has a dream. If you wish for something, in fact anything at all to do with crossdressing then post t here, it could come true. Probably highly unlikely but hey it's all good fun!
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my wishlist for the next 5 years

Postby melissa86 » Sun Jun 01, 2014 9:46 pm

1: a new set of teeth, through the years my teeth have been badly damaged by fluoride and want a new set of teeth with non-metal implants like zirconium studs...

2: a large walk in closet filled to the brim with gorgeous new clothes and lingerie, especially some great Victorian/Gothic dresses. ^_^

3: HRT, facial feminizing surgery, tracheal shave, tummy-tuck, permanent hair removal the whole works except for vaginoplasty/reassignment surgery until they finally perfect it to the point where all nerve endings are saved and used to provide the exact same sensations as the real deal provides. ^_^

That is basically what I want out of the next 5 years and with perseverance I will succeed. ^_^


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