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Breastform colour

Part of CrossDressing is about shopping at the right places at the right prices. Lets hear about your shopping habbits gurls!
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Breastform colour

Postby Crimson » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:49 pm

Besides going to an outlet is there any way to accurately match colour? I know that some can take foundation etc but a colour match guide would be so helpful. Anyone have any experience?
Thanks, Crimson xx

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Re: Breastform colour

Postby kathy123 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:14 pm

Hi Crimson,

There are a few companies that offer color matching services but the tend to be the most expensive breast forms out there. I am due for new ones soon (actually overdue) so last spring I sent away for a color sample kit which you can try and match your skin color to, in the end none of the off the shelf colors really worked for me, and at least for me, the time I would really need them to match the most is in summer when your skin color changes with sun exposure so it really becomes a tough call. They offer custom matching of skin color by taking a photo with the two closest shades, one lighter and one darker than your own skin. I got this all ready then before committing to spending close to $1,000.00 for them I decided against it for now at least. I found that I could wear even a bikini halter top to the beach without exposing the breast form itself to the light of day (or anyones eyes) so color matching seemed a lot less important. I'm not sure your intent with the realistic color match but that is how I thought it through. You can get really nice forms in generic color for way less on line. If it is cleavage showing you seek then you can get cleavage creators - basically a strapless silicone bra made for women - that you can use with your basic breast forms to get a nice look with lower cut shirts. I have a post on this elsewhere in the forum showing how the look/work.

Hope this helps - Kathy

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